Medic Exams Performs the finest mobile examinations for life insurance underwriting.

We’ve build a long standing relationship with our community, based wholely on trust. Our bright doctors are here for you whenever you need.


“Our community’s health is of the utmost importance to our team.”

MedicExams provides quality paramedical services. Our home office L.T.Exams, Inc is based in Atlanta, Georgia and offer services in all 50 states. With MedicExams handling your paramedical needs, applicants receive high-quality exams performed by professional examiners. The information is quality-controlled and expedited to the home office. Each examiner is educated and trained to represent you in the most professional and efficient manner. We are a “hands on” paramedical company. From technology and examiners to our local representation, the helping hands of MedicExams gives you more time to focus on your business. Agents and examiners should click here to login to process exam requests and view records. MedicExams offers a complete line of paramedical services to over 1200 different insurance companies for underwriting purposes. Through personal interviews and specimen collections MedicExams technicians gather essential health information from insurance applicants. This information allows the insurance company to perform a comprehensive evaluation of the applicant’s insurability. We offer a 24 hour service which is to ensure convience for both the agent and the client. With this service we are able to access, confirm, and schedule appointments. We would prefer if you call us in front of the client to ensure a fast turnaround. Please feel free to call us if you have any questions or need immediate assistance. If you are an insurance agent, please submit your Exam Request Form by clicking here. If you are interested in becoming an examiner, click here.

We are confident that our doctors’ unique experiences will absolutely be an asset to your health.

“Medic Exams for life and health insurance companies”

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MedicExams core services

Mobile paramedical

are exams that need not be performed by a medical doctor. These exams most often include the collection of a blood and urine specimen and could include a review of the applicants medical history, vital signs checks and an EKG assessment.

Insurance Exams

Required examinations are dictated by the life insurance company and are determined by the applicant’s age, sex, the amount of the policy applied for and sometimes previous medical history. In cases where the applicant’s medical history

Physician Network

The most extensive exams do in fact require a medical doctor to complete. In those cases, we work through our Physician Network to schedule and complete the exam as quickly as possible. Give us a call and lets see what solution is best for you.