10 mistakes when writing a dissertation

The introduction is always a read part of scientific work. Even if the defense is loyal, the introductory passage gives a general idea of ​​the academic work. Therefore, it is important not to make mistakes and pay attention to this passage when ordering work in the Essayswriting.org.

Mistakes made by students when writing a dissertation

Error 1. Admission is not related to the main part of the diploma. Ironically, this is a very common mistake. Keep in mind that all elements of the text must be the same. This is called the handwriting of one author, a logical reference, the finished work. You can’t take contradictory passages and try to convey them as a full-fledged work.

Error 2. Disturbed structure. There are requirements of the High Attestation Commission, methodical recommendations, which indicate what and in what order you want to display. The introduction is not a place for creativity. It is necessary to follow the developed scheme and not make mistakes.

The same goes for volume. The introduction should not be too long, and at the same time, it can not fit on one page. Optimally – 3 sheets. A range of 2 to 5 sheets is allowed if there are objective reasons for this. Remember, the introduction should be written according to the template.

Error 3. The order of presentation of scientific material is violated. Anyone who has ever prepared a diploma or any other serious scientific project knows the golden rule. The introduction is written after the preparation of the main part. Only in this way, the first element of the design will be a reflection of the disclosure of the theme of the project.

Error 4. Insufficient source processing. Not all these require a detailed study of a large amount of material. But if you have chosen, for example, a historical theme, then now you should do everything in your power. Otherwise, the material can be sent for correction countless times until the same depth and thoughtful analysis is achieved. Such works can be ordered by Essayswriting.org.

Error 5. Violated plagiarism requirements. You can’t just take and rewrite an entry from another successful job. It is also impossible to superficially rewrite and hand in the work yourself.

So what to do? The ideal option is to write from scratch or order a project from Essayswriting.org, where experienced authors from various scientific fields work. But we understand that this is not always possible. If you have already concentrated on sample dissertations, do not rework and concentrate on concepts, styles, ideas. In other words – be the best, but do it in your way, as the authors of the company https://essayswriting.org/ do.

Error 6. Not all items are displayed. The introduction should contain a hypothesis, purpose, task, question, topic, meaning. You can’t forget to miss any moment. However, if the main part of the diploma is written correctly, it will not be difficult to correct such mistakes.

In this context, the guidelines should be mentioned. They cannot be ignored, even if you, as the author, do not agree with the position of the author of the company Essayswriting.org.

For example, such guidelines may require practical attention and brief analysis of the literature. Or vice versa, focus on sources, not hypotheses. As they say, as many topics as there are opinions.

Error 7. Replaced object. For students, this error is very significant:

  • Concept replacement is quite common, and the reason for this is a lack of understanding of the difference;
  • Remember that a subject is something in common that is being studied, and the subject is part of the general to which you are devoting your work.

Error 8. Identical goals and objectives. In everyday life, these concepts are often seen as equivalent. But no. In the context of the goal of academic work, these are the consequences we want to achieve, and the tasks are the actions we use to achieve our goals. Nothing complicated, just remember this axiom.

Error 9. Non-justification of relevance or incomplete disclosure of the significance of the research topic. The author must prove that everything that is done is for the sake of science and practice, and not only the first best topic.

It is considered a mistake if the examiner did not find answers to the following questions: why this topic, how it is researched, what is the meaning and significance of the question that the examination will give, how acute the scientific question is revealed in the academic project written by the student.

Error 10. Illiterate, misleading text. As a rule, the introduction is written at the very end, when everything is done quickly and the forces are no longer enough. This is a situation where haste does not lead to anything good.

No one is yet tormented by grammatical errors, a large number of inaccuracies in punctuation, inconsistent endings, and other defects that obscure even the best content. The same applies to factual inaccuracies and semantic errors.

We have listed 10 major, but not the only misses. So, if you fix these mistakes, your research project will be perfect. The use of scientific services Essayswriting.org is a serious application for the effective and successful defense of the academic project.

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