Collection of a blood/urine specimen, vital signs checks, EKG assessment and can include a review of the applicant’s medical history.

Who We Are:

We here at MedicExams know that DNA testing is not another test but it is a test of a lifetime.

Our mission

Is to promote domestic stablity, and provide a sense of belonging to individuals and families searching for their ancestry and genetic history, by conducting the most accurate and conclusive DNA idnentity and relationship testing available anywhere.

We will at all times provide superb service and professional counsel, while demonstrating respect for each individual’s right to genetic privacy.

 Our Privacy

Our staff believes that each individual has a right to genetic privacy, and should govern the use of his/her genetic information. We only perform DNA identity and parentage tests on individuals with their knowledge and informed consent, or as directed by court order. We conduct all aspects of DNA identity and percentage testing with strict confidentiality, and we safeguard the genetic information our patients commit into our care. 

Quality Statement

We currnetly use Genetica Laboratories to handle our labs. They are dedicated to maintaing the highest testing standards anywhere. We realize that we are touching people’s lives in the most sacres of ways. We will always be mindful of the sanctity of each life and treat each person in accordance with that knowledge. 

The Way We Serve

Our trained professionals take the time and care to listen, and strive to provide all involved with as much information as needed before, during, and after the DNA test, always in complete confidence. Our toll-free number is available 24 hours a day to ensure flexibility for each and every client. We provide a mobile service for those who find it convient and an in-house service for those who are always on the go. Our office is conviently located on the corner of Hwy 85 and 138 in Riverdale, Ga., behind the publix. We not only take care of our home state but we also service the entire US. We have the best standard service in the world of 48 hours. We test on all ages, even before birth is possible. The traditional collection is usually the mother, father and the child/children who are involved. Our results are greater than 99.99999% accurate and can be used during legal procedures. Our results are guranteed and will prove that the alleged father is or is not the biological father. In the absence of the above findings, we will refund your money. The results are conviently mailed to our office as well as to all the tested adults, unless otherwise instucted by the court order. We can also fax the results to a designated legal medical representative at your request. We want to make sure we provide the best service for each case so please call us for pricing information.

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