Exam Information


Collection of a blood/urine specimen, vital signs checks, EKG assessment and can include a review of the applicant’s medical history.

What is a paramedical exam and how long does it take? 

A paramedical exam consists of some questions about your medical history, measurements of your height and weight, blood pressure and pulse. A urine specimen is also collected. Undressing is not required and the exam usually lasts 20 to 30 minutes. Your application for insurance is not complete until we have obtained this necessary information. 

Why will a urine specimen be collected? 

A urine specimen will always be collected during a paramedical exam. The tests done are determined by the insurance company and are performed by a laboratory. The test results will be sent only to the insurance company and are used in the underwriting process. 

What happens to this information? 

All of the information obtained during the paramedical examination is strictly confidential and for insurance purposes only. It will be forwarded to the insurance company for review to help evaluate your individual policy. 

How is the appointment made and where? 

MedicExams will call you to schedule a date, time and place convenient for you. You may elect to have the exam completed at your home or office, or many people prefer to come to our location. You make the decision to fit your schedule.


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